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ID3 Editor Lite 1.5 shows only basic tags (ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.4.0). You may find several ID3-editors on the Internet supporting more tags, but they are usually sharewares and have a trial period of usually about 20 days (and difficult interface).

The application is freeware; you are allowed to use it as you prefer, but you aren't allowed to sell it to anyone. Anyone is allowed to distribute the application on his/her website or some software CD-ROM (It would be good if you informed us about it via e-mail). Details: forename.surname(at)mbnet(dot)fi

If you want the source code, please send us e-mail (ie. register) and wait couple of days. You are not allowed to sell the modified program. You can distribute it, but you MUST clearly mention, what you have changed since the original version, and that Jouni and Mika Kähkönen had made the original program.

We have used ID3v2 Delphi Library by AudioXL to modify ID3v2 tags. (

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