Other Programs

These products are all freeware. ID3 Editor and Mapperi are made by Jouni and Mika Kähkönen, and Numberizer and Datizer are made by Jouni.

ID3 Editor Lite 1.4 - Add/edit the ID3 tags of MP3 files (Freeware).

File Renamer - Free File Renamer 1.0 is a fast and easy way to rename multiple files at once. It is specially intended for users, who need to deal with large amount of digital images. The Preview box currently supports JPEG and BMP image formats. You can navigate between filename boxes by using the mouse or arrow keys.

Numberizer - Add 001, 002, 003, etc. behind the filenames of your digital images. This is useful if you want to rename your images, but want them to appear in the original order in the file tree (Freeware).

Datizer - If you have resized or compressed an image or video file and saved it as, the original file date&time does not remain. By using this utility, you can copy the date information from the original files to new ones. (Freeware)

Mapperi.zip - Make HTML MAP codes with a single click. This is useful especially for maps. (Freeware)

Note: You can give feedback about these programs by using the feedback form on this ID3 Editor Lite site.

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