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Pisteet: ***** (5/5)
Jouni (25.04.2017 18:41:59)

Pisteet: ***** (5/5)
Enormous! I get my photos now organized in the way I want. Recommended to everyone!
John (29.01.2009 01:30:35)

Pisteet: ***** (5/5)
Kiitos! Kiva ohjelma!
(09.04.2006 15:22:10)

Pisteet: **** (4/5)
File Renamer fani (09.04.2006 15:21:29)

Pisteet: ***** (5/5)
Teddanne ietzel (27.10.2005 23:26:44)

Pisteet: ***** (5/5)
File Renamer is currently able to rename photos, videos and music files and numerate the files. The version number is now 0.4.7-dev, which means it\'s not yet fully implemented and has only the most fundamental features done. File Renamer has currently only two users (me and my brother) and it seems to work properly. If you want to test the \"dev\" version, ask for it via e-mail (kajouni at mbnet dot fi) and I will perhaps send it to you.

The developer of File Renamer (06.10.2005 22:30:58)

Pisteet: ***** (5/5)
Wonderful application!
Yoneh (25.08.2005 21:56:08)

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